Get A UK Job – resources for Australian professionals moving to the UK.

Get A UK Job welcomes Australians wanting to find work in the UK. We provide information and advice to help you to get settled and find a job quickly.

Whether you’re looking for a job in IT, teaching, accountancy or any other profession, we hope we can help you find your ideal role.

Welcome to the United Kingdom

Are you planning a UK working holiday or long-term move, or have you just recently relocated here? Arriving in a new country can be a daunting experience – looking for a UK job and accommodation is sometimes stressful, not to mention sorting out your finances, taxes and getting to grips with the British transport system.

This website has been created to ease your transition to British life and help you establish a successful UK career.

Looking for work in the UK? Did you know you can double your salary when you go home having gained UK international experience? But finding a good job in London or elsewhere in the UK can be tricky. Have a look at our UK JOB SEARCH pages to get a head start. Here you’ll find some tips on how to find work in the UK, info on the UK job market, plus some helpful UK job search resources, such as who can help you with your UK CV, and a list of our recommended UK recruitment agencies and job sites.

Looking for a place to stay? Whether you’re coming over to the UK for a working holiday, or for a more permanent move, finding decent UK accommodation is often a big concern for many people. The best option is to seek temporary accommodation and after you’ve found a job to look for something more permanent. Find out about UK ACCOMMODATION options – including what types of UK accommodation would suit you best, where to look, the best places to live in London and the UK, and average rents in your preferred area.

Need info on UK work visas? Check out our UK VISA pages which give you the essential information on the different visa options for working in the United Kingdom (including info on the Tier 5 Youth Mobility visa) such as eligibility criteria, fees and how to apply.

Need help getting set up? To work in Britain you must have a UK bank account and a National Insurance number. We have a helpful section of FAQs that provides info on everything from sorting out your finances, applying for a NI number, getting around on public transport, to finding a doctor. If there’s something else you need to know please ask.

What Next?

Make sure your CV is in a UK format and start applying for jobs, remember that you should mention your passport/visa type when making applications so that prospective employers are aware of your right to work in the UK. If you need help, check out the CV package we have on offer.

You can speed up your job search by using a Career Consultancy such as who will help transition your career into the uk job market.

Enquire about their Transition Limited Company that can save you up to £8000 and pay for up to half your flight and accommodation costs in the UK:

If you are looking for an IT job, we recommend getting in touch with our Australiasian associate Their friendly consultants can help you find work either from Australia or whilst you are in the UK.

Enjoy your stay, and if we have not answered all your questions, please let us know.